4th Project meeting

This meeting take place at Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “Fortunato Fedele”
in Agira, Italy, from the 11th to the 19th of December 2022

Sunday 11 and Monday 12 were day for arrival.
The Finnish team arrives at Catania airport and in the afternoon the students are welcomed by the host families while the teachers are accompanied to their accommodation in a hotel in Agira.

The same happens the following morning and afternoon: the teams from Turkey, Romania, Portugal and Spain arrive at different times and are all welcomed by the Italian team and host families.

The two evenings end with a dinner among teachers in a local restaurant.

Tuesday 13

All teams were received at the school with the opening ceremony, the greeting of the principal and the presentation of the mobility week programme.

After a time for a coffee and salutations, we enjoyed some ineteresting presentations of the works of the teams with such sugerents titles and subjects as:

  • “How to care for the intestinal microbiota”
  • “Super food and intestinal microbiota, synergy or conflict?”
  • “Difference between probiotics and prebiotics”
  • “Effects of stress on the microbiota”
  • “Diet and microbiota, is there a relationship?”
  • “Are there foods that are good for the microbiota and the brain?”
  • “Are commercial yogurts, with added sugar, really good for our intestines?”
  • “Microbiota and age… do we grow up and change together?”.
  • “Simple sugars, inflammation and the gut microbiota… what are the connections?”
  • “Healthy habits: Smoothies”
  • “Smoothies”
  • “The importance of raw food”
  • Another presentation takes place at the school, held by a local producer, on the importance of honey in our diet.

In the late afternoon, the group of teachers and students is welcomed by the mayor of Agira and by
the councilor for education at the town hall.

Wednesday 14

This day was entirely dedicated to Catania, the largest city in eastern Sicily.

In the morning, teachers and students visit the Baroque historic center, a Unesco heritage site.

In the afternoon the group goes to the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Catania, where it is involved in a guided tour to discover the cultural and food and wine beauties of the area of Catania. The group i salso involved in a visit of the main pavilions of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

A presentation has been prepared for the group in order to share the scientific research outcomes of the università team coordinated by Cinzia Caggia, Full Professor of Agricultural Microbiology.

Thursday 15

The works on this day take place in the coking school of Centuripe, part of the IIS Fedele.

Here the following activities have been prepared for the entire Erasmus group:

  • The Super food Red Orange of Sicily (Dr. S. Rapisarda, President of the Euroagrumi Consortium)
  • The quality of food and health, an inseparable bond (Dr .G. Cantagallo, Chief Executive Officer of the Italian Agri-food Group)
  • The hyperconnections of the intestinal microbiota, a fascinating journey (Dr. Rachele Castro, teacher in our school and CNR-IRIB collaborator)

  • What is healthy is good! Enhancement of local products for the prebiotic action and the promotion of taste. (Prof. Pietro Pappalardo)
  • The secrets of Pizza! Practical experience under the guidance of Prof. G. Rinallo
  • Sweets, what a passion! Practical experience under the guidance of Prof. G. Muratore
  • Full speed ahead in Saloon! Practical experience under the guidance of Prof. A. Sportaro, R. Lo Grasso, G. Femminile

After a lunch specially prepared by the teachers and students of the school, the group is involved in a guided tour of the local archaeological museum.

Friday 16th

A full day dedicated to discover one of the most evocative corners of Sicily: Syracuse.

The International Erasmus group is involved in a guided tour along the archaeological area, the Ear of Dionysius, the Greek theatre.

There was time also for walking along Piazza Duomo and the Island of Ortigia

Saturday 17

This day is entirely spent in school of Agira. Here some activities that mark the end of mobility take place.

Students and teachers were invited to contribute to a survey about the 4th LTT. In addition, the official goodbye takes place with the delivering the certificates of attendance.

Also at school, after a lunch offered by the students’ families, based on local products, a special farewell activity for the students takes place entitled: “The pleasure of being together”: a socializing activity among the students.

After an afternoon of free wandering around the small town, the final dinner takes place at a local restaurant.

After dinner, dance follows with students and teachers and some parents.

Sunday 18

In the morning everyone on the bus to visit Acicastello, a small fishing village near Catania.

In the afternoon the Turkish, Finnish, Spanish and Portuguese teams were accompanied to the nearby airport to return to their countries.

…and Monday 19,

it was the Romanian team’s turn to leave from Catania airport.

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