2nd Project meeting

In April 2022, the 2nd meeting of the Eramsus+ project H.O.P.E was held in Bergama, in Bergama Cumhuriyet Anadolu Lisesi, this time with the assistance of all the schools participating in the project.It was a great satisfaction to enjoy the assistance of the Finnish school, after the great difficulties they had to overcome to be … Read more 2nd Project meeting

1st meeting, HOPE in Santarém

After a long time since this Erasmus+ HOPE project began, the participating schools have finally been able to hold a meeting, the first with a physical presence and it has been in Santarem, in the Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Ginestal Machado. The first day was dedicated to formal presentations, reception of the director of the … Read more 1st meeting, HOPE in Santarém

Probiotics in Anatomy lessons

Within the framework of the Erasmus + HOPE – Healthy Outcomes of Probiotic Education project, students from various subjects looked into the world of Probiotics and Prebiotics, and their effects on our health and our Immune System. In the current COVID epidemic situation, in which strengthening our immune system is more important than ever, this … Read more Probiotics in Anatomy lessons

What we learnt in English classes

We are students in 2ºESO in the IES Pobra do Caramiñal.  Some weeks ago in the English class, we were studying vocabulary related to the human body. Then, we learnt about the importance of food to be healthy.  We were studying different kinds of vegetables and fruits, studying their impact on our body depending on … Read more What we learnt in English classes

1st online staff training meeting

To start the activities of our Erasmus+ project HOPE, we had planned a training meeting for the participating teachers in Bergama Cumhuriyet Anadolu Lisesi.But the COVID-19 epidemic prevents us from meeting, getting to know each other, working together and enjoying the hospitality of our Bergama partners. So, in what seems is going to be a … Read more 1st online staff training meeting