6th Project meeting

This meeting was hold in Pobra do Caramiñal from 8 to 12 of May/2023, with assistance of all the schools partners in this project: Kurun Yhtenäiskoulu, IISS Fortunto Fedele, Agrupamento de escolas Dr. Ginestal Machado, Scoala Gimnaziala Mircea Eliade and Bergama Cumhuriyet Anadolu Lisesi. 08.- MONDAY     Monday was first day at school, for welcoming … Read more 6th Project meeting

5th Project meeting

from 6th of March to 12th of March 2023 at Kurun Yhtenäiskoulu Comprehensive School in Kuru, Finland On the 6th of March 2023 the international teams arrived to Tampere, Finland to spend the night and start the official program in the next morning. The Spanish and Romanian teams arrived in the afternoon in Tampere and … Read more 5th Project meeting

Class activity in Ies Pobra

Into the framework of the Erasmus+ project H.O.P.E. students of the 3ºA class of the Ies Pobra do Caramiñal have been carrying out an interesting activity for several weeks with the help of their Biology teacher. The activity began as one of the topics included in the subject, in which they deepened their knowledge about … Read more Class activity in Ies Pobra