Bergama Cumhuriyet Anadolu Lisesi

In our school providing education service since 1973, there are 292 students (aged 14-18), 29 staff with 26 teachers, 2 vice principals and 1 principal.
Our school has been a boarding school since 2005 and 160 students benefit from our school’s dormitory.
For this project, we are fully concerned about the importance of healthy nutrition. It’s our primary mission to raise individuals academically and socially successful, physically and mentally healthy. We believe that physical well-being with healthy nutrition leads to academic and social success. We have been worrying about our students’ tendency to malnutrition and fast food in recent years. We believe that this project will create awareness on probiotics and healthy nutrition among our students, their parents and the school environment.
Most of our students come from a low to the middle socio-economic background and live in rural areas. We have a lot of students that haven’t travelled out of our city. This project will provide them with an opportunity to meet new people from European countries, and it will be a great
opportunity for cooperating and working with them.
To provide better education, our academic staff follows the articles published on eTwinning and School Education Gateway portal and participate in eTwinning projects.
We also carried out the following Comenius projects,

  • Filmotherapy – Metamorphoses – COM/2013/REGIO/EN/W/0014
  • People Who Changed And Shaped The World -2011-1-TR1-COM06-23969-1
    Furthermore, we have been participating “Digital Citizenship” and “Protecting The Planet” projects via
    As an institution, we support all kinds of innovation and the technological development required by our age that will contribute to the development and success of our students.
    The key persons who will be involved in implementing and managing the project are Fatma Aykul, Asaf Cömert, Namık Kemal Eminoğlu and Emrah Kalkan. These teachers are highly motivated and hardworking teachers of our school. Fatma Aykul is our English teacher. She is an experienced project coordinator. She actively participates in all project info seminars, workshops, webinars. She was the coordinator and contact person of the projects mentioned above. She is also very good at ICT and asides from teaching English, she is also ICT trainer. Asaf Cömert is our Biology Teacher and Namık Kemal Eminoğlu our Physics Teacher. Both of them are experienced at STEM projects and activities. They have joined a lot of courses
    and seminars on STEM activities. Emrah Kalkan is our counsellor who will be responsible for the communication with parents, local communities and institutions. He will be also responsible for preparing and analysing questionnaires. Except for these teachers, all our staff are highly eager to work in this project as we believe that this project will not only contribute the organizational capacity development but it will also promote teachers’ professional development.

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