Class activity in Ies Pobra

Into the framework of the Erasmus+ project H.O.P.E. students of the 3ºA class of the Ies Pobra do Caramiñal have been carrying out an interesting activity for several weeks with the help of their Biology teacher.

The activity began as one of the topics included in the subject, in which they deepened their knowledge about healthy eating, Atlantic and Mediterranean diets, functions of the various nutrients in the human body, … and also complemented this information with the knowledge of probiotics, prebiotics and antibiotics.

After studying these topics, as a normal learning process, they prepared works in which to show the knowledge acquired and, since the best way to learn something is by explaining it, they made classroom presentations.

Since the elaborated material was of adequate quality, some exhibition posters were done, again with the help of their teachers and the Erasmus team.

These posters, along with others made last year, are kept visible in different areas of the school, thus allowing the information and work of these students to be accessible to the entire educational community of Ies Pobra.

The next step, in the spirit of Erasmus, is to get out of the classroom and share their newly acquired knowledge.

 So we organize new presentations, this time in the auditorium and with the attentive and curious audience of their classmates from the 1st level.

The experience was formative and motivating for both groups.

For the public, it was a different, friendly and enjoyable way of learning, hand in hand with their older classmates.

For the speakers, a new challenge, which forces them to overcome their nervousness or shyness and manage in front of an attentive and demanding audience, which is a great learning for life.

The challenges are not over yet.

Ahead is the English translation of their work to share it with students from other foreign schools, partners of Ies Pobra in European projects.

And some of these students will travel soon to the meeting of this project in Bergama-Turkey, where they will have the opportunity to share this experience with their peers from various European countries.

We wish them the best of luck and we are convinced that the results will be excellent, because they are great students and because in an Erasmus project the mere fact of participating already brings satisfaction and learning.

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