Ies Pobra do Caramiñal

The IES Pobra do Caramiñal is an educational centre located in Galicia, Spain, in a coastal city of nearly ten thousand inhabitants.
Account with around 440 students and 55 teachers, teaching ESO (12-16) and secondary education (16-18) as well as vocational (adults) in the fields of dietetics and nursing.
The IES Pobra is committed to the improvement of the quality of education, participating in multiple projects for training and innovation: PLAMBE, COMBAS, CLIL, ABALAR, CUALE, Erasmus+ KA2 and KA1, Plan of teachers training, …
Our school seeks to improve the quality of teaching, study and learning, as well as to optimize the organization of the work at the centre and classroom level, in order to obtain results in line with what is expected of the current school. We also want to achieve a higher level of basic general
skills, and the technological implantation in particular, as well as to promote multilingualism.
Our school has participated in many European projects (Comenius and Erasmus+), which have been a screening of the school both domestically and social level. Our participation in this transnational projects is an aspect which our school gives great importance, and that allows us to expand the European dimension and cooperation with other schools, getting contact with innovative educational practices and organizational methods in different countries.
Projects KA1 are very important for teacher´s formation and educational innovation and we try to get involved in them every year.
Our last Erasmus+ KA229 projects were, in 2016-18:

  • “2016-1-LT01-KA219-023185_3 – Inventions and cultural behaviour”,
  • “2016-1-TR01-KA219-034308_7 – A call from schools. For the less destruction, less reduce consumption.” In which we worked over old and new technologies, recycling, environmentalism…
    In 2018-20 we coordinate the project “OUR INTANGIBLE HERITAGE, A VALUE FOR THE FUTURE”, that led us to work on cultural heritage across different cultures and countries. We had chosen the topic of intangible cultural heritage because we think is excellent to address common problems in all schools and countries: family relationships, sedentary lifestyle, leisure time, knowledge of one’s cultural identity …
    The topics related with a sedentary lifestyle, healthy life and alimentation are always on our mind when we think in new projects to work on with students, then this project about immunity system and probiotic alimentation suits perfectly with our interest.
    Our usual Erasmus+ team for KA2 projects is integrated for 8/12 teachers on depending on the year, always with some new teachers learning about Erasmus+. Our coordinator has a wide experience, of more than 15 years. Furthermore, we always have a general coordinator that help on all projects
    (KA1, KA2, KA3).
    With our long experience, our school has the capacity to work on all aspects of a project: websites, evaluation, dissemination, … attending the necessities in which other schools have more difficulties.

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