Kurun Yhtenaiskoulu

We are a little comprehensive school located in Kuru, Ylöjärvi in the southern part of Finland providing primary and lower secondary basic education to pupils aged 7 to 16. Less than 200 pupils are studying at our school. The staff consists of 18 teachers and about ten persons fulfilling other tasks (e.g. special needs assistants, secretary, kitchen staff, e.g.).
Our objectives are to provide high-quality education helping our pupils to acquire basic and central skills in order to face a bright future. Our aims are to guide our pupils towards social skills, 21’st century skills, sustainability, healthy lifestyle, entrepreneurship, multiliteracy and participation.
We value cross-border cooperation and actively seek to increase it. The purpose of our International activities is to arouse interest, tolerance and curiosity in our students and staff towards different cultures and their representatives. Our school’s plan for internationalization arises from the need to promote education that aims to grow as a person and as a citizen.
Healthy lifestyle and nutrition are a central content of the national Finnish curriculum as well as our local curriculum. Two years ago we organized a multidisciplinary project-week about these issues. We aim at the possibility for our students to research the topic in a stimulating environment such as
this international project. We intend our students, staff members and related families to gain first-hand insight into the meaning of nutrition for all-round well-being. Through that, we are optimistic to reach a real positive impact on our school and the related community. Besides the improvement of
eating habits, we also aim at the improvement of the sense of community as well as international connectivity in Kuru through this project by involving several local organizations to participate in it.
The people in charge of running this project at our school will be:
Jaana Tiura is one of our school’s P.E. and classroom teachers with detailed expertise on this subject. She has been participating in former international projects at our school. She works as chairman of our school’s international team.
Language teacher Alois Weimer (English, German) works as the coordinator of international affairs at our school. He has gained know-how on international networking and project-management as well as coordinating multi-disciplinary projects.
Language Teacher Harri Kokko (Swedish, English) works as one of our school’s ICT-support person. He is a member of our international team.
In case if any of the key members operating in the project leave their post in the future, their positions will be filled by new responsible persons from our staff.
There will be other staff members involved in the project at our school. Many of our school’s teachers own specific expertise on the project’s subject.

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